Aphrodite Diamonds operates two different types of concessions on the West Coast of South Africa.  These include a beach concession owned by a mining company; as well as a privately owned concession working off boats.

The boats are moored behind the treacherous breakers and sea divers operate giant suction pipes. The precious seabed gravel that is pumped from the ocean bed runs into a classifier that separates the larger stones from the gravel. The remaining gravel is then “jigged” which means that the diamonds are sorted from the gravel using a vibrating pan system.

The heavier stones, such as garnets, olivines and diamonds fall into the pan. The diamonds are meticulously sorted before being cut and expertly set. A very similar operation is run on land within the beach concession; the main difference being that the classifier is land based and the suction pipes operated directly from the beach.

Mining our own diamonds gives us a very exclusive niche in a market where traceability has become extremely important.  This not only certifies the origin of our diamonds; but also fair working conditions in our concessions.

When you choose an Aphrodite diamond you are buying more than just the king of all precious stones – you are buying an integral part of mankind’s history.

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