Tungsten Carbide is one of the newer metals in the jewellery industry.  It has on occasion been named the new gold for mens’ rings and mens’ jewellery.                    The heavy weight and luxurious finish of a Tungsten Carbide ring makes this a really comfortable wear.  Derived from the Swedish words: “Tung” and “Sten” meaning “Heavy Stone”, Tungsten Carbide rings are the only jewellery rings with a metal that can promise a permanence in polish and finish that will endure until the end of time.

All the rings in the Tungsten Carbide Range retail for the same price; R1 980.00 each.                    

Please contact us for orders: annelize@aphroditediamonds.co.za or feel free to visit our shop to view the range.

Please note that jewellery can only be viewed at our Stellenbosch boutique



Ring 1
Ring 2

Frequently asked questions:

In unforeseen emergency situations; how do I remove my ring? This will require the use of vice grip-pliers. First step is to clamp the ring loosely. Then remove the pliers, 1/4 turn tighten the pliers and clamp the ring again. Continue this process until you hear a crack.  At this point, remove the vice-grip pliers and place it in another spot on your ring. Repeat these steps until the material breaks away, taking care not to rotate or slide the cracked ring on your finger; as the broken edges will be sharp. Should your ring have a gold inlay, this inlay can be clipped away in the normal way.    

Can Tungsten Carbide rings be resized? Due to the hardness of Tungsten Carbide these rings cannot be resized.  However, if during the first week or two you are not completely satisfied with the size of your ring; we can still replace it with a different size.

Why buy cobalt free Tungsten rings? Some lower quality Tungsten rings are made by using cobalt as an alternative binder; but these are susceptible to corrosion, cracking, marring or scratching.  Tungsten bands containing cobalt might even cause skin irritations. Therefore we stock cobalt free Tungsten Carbide rings.